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Close Diving Encounters

In February of 2007, Vernon Messier had his encounter with a seven foot alligator. The animal snatched his foot when he dove into a pond off the fifth hole at Timber Greens Country Club in New Port Richey. He was able to get free by gouging at the alligator’s eyes.

Tom Forlander

If the alligator is ever hungry in the morning, it knows where the food, the human in the water, will be. Those who dive in the lakes and ponds of the golf course are dumb. Those who do it often, are worse and should prepare themselves for an accident sooner or later because alligators are watchful prey. The hunters will pick up on habits such as a golfer that comes to the pond often in the morning. Most golfers will only see an alligator basking in the sun and not doing anything to harm anyone. However, there are many stories about alligator attacks on the golf course that weave precautionary tales for other golfers.

These stories aren’t meant to scare so much as to keep people away and informed about what an alligator can do. A little more than a year later, a golfer by the name of Ike Moreal was attacked while diving in a lake off the 13th hole at Tampa Palms Golf and Country Club. Moreal was able to escape with a dislocated shoulder and a broken left arm. But the rare occurrences are always scary. Although it is rare for unprovoked alligator attacks to occur, you should never want to take a chance with an alligator that could be twice your size. .

Tom Forlander is an experienced golfer knows his choice when it comes to golf safety in Florida.


How to Be More Family Oriented

Spending the time with your father is a great way to learn life lessons that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Trips on the water are also great family outings that are both safe and fun for everyone, especially if you live in the peninsula state of Florida. Investing in a good boat is also a great way to get the family involved in nautical activities together. If you feel a bit overwhelmed with the planning, try involving your spouse as well, that will strengthen both your relationship and your family. The best couple are those who have been through thick and thin, having plenty of adventures to keep life interesting.

Tom ForlanderYou should encourage your family to love playing recreational sports together and to challenge their friends to some friendly competition. If your friends or family members live close by, don’t take it for granted, visit them or invite them over as much as possible. If you however decide not to have children, then you can have more time together and stay attached to the hip like newlywed couples, doing everything you can side by side. Whether you have family, friends, children, or a spouse, you should try to get out on the water at least once a month.

Ripe in age at 58, Tom Forlander still goes out on the water and enjoys the tranquility of the sea. He grew up as the second child of three. His contributions quickly became a family tradition that lives on today. The weekends for him is often traveling to the coast, lake or canal and fishing with his older brother and dad, leaving behind his mother and sister who eagerly awaited their return to hear the funny stories and to have fresh fish to cook for dinner.