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Tom Forlander – Oh Florida

Many people look at Florida as that state that makes all the orange juice. Indeed that is a major product, but the sunshine state has a number of other things which are part of its unique place among the states of the union. For example, it is a growing state and in 2014 it became the third most populous state in the entire United States of America by surpassing that of New York, trailing only Texas and at the very top California. Florida also has the longest coastline in the contiguous United States.

Tom Forlander
It is also the only state in the entire country that borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. One of its greatest cities is St. Augustine, which is the oldest European settlement in all of North America. It is also distinctive for being the flat estate the entire country. The mean elevation of the state is just 100 feet and if you are looking for mountains, you will find that the highest point in the state is only 345 feet above mean sea level.

On a governmental level, it is interesting to note that Florida is the only state in the entire country whose Constitution is reviewed every 20 years. Many people are familiar with Cape Canaveral, which is the launch pad for all of the countries spaceflights. All of these facts are not lost on one of its residents, Tom Forlander. He is a big fan of this state and he enjoys a variety of activities throughout the year which allowed them to be outdoors and enjoy the climate. For example, one of his favorite sports is that health golf and Florida has more than 1300 courses which makes it higher than any other state in the country.


Tennis Tips

Tennis is a fun and engaging sport that can be very rewarding as well as competitive, which is why the sport is growing so rapidly. With such a rapid growth being experienced over the past several years, many are picking up a racket and jumping on the court. Though this kind of gumption is admirable, it is suggested that these beginners learn more about the basics and fundamentals of Tennis to help make the game more engaging, enjoyable, and above all, more safe for the players. Many do not know that injuries are quite common in Tennis. People don’t assume this because Tennis does not require any real contact with anybody else. The common injuries that occur in Tennis however are usually self-administered. Injuries such as Tennis Elbow are ones that arise when you have improper technique in your swing, causing the bad posture to wear on your arm, specifically your elbow. This debilitating injury can keep you off of the courts for days, or even weeks, something that can be avoided by learning a few simple tricks and tips, as well as developing a good solid form and technique.

Tom Forlander

One tip is to always keep your wrist aligned parallel with the court when you hit the ball, rolling or wrenching your wrist can cause injury. Next, avoid jerking motions with the shoulder and arm and go for a more fluid and flexible strike. Lastly, make sure that you have a good stance, one where both legs are spread at shoulder width and you are square with the other side of the court.

Tom Forlander is an office manager and avid Tennis player who loves to spend a day or two on the courts.