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Looking for a New Hobby? Try Salt Water Fishing

Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches to visit, particularly if you are looking to try a new sport. If you love to fish, why not branch out and try saltwater fishing? The region’s state and federal laws contribute to the fishing reputation of the area by protecting it. You will usually have a large amount of fish in the area, and there is never an overfishing problem. That is one of the great things about the state.

Tom Forlander

Tom Forlander

One of the largest estuaries in Florida, the Charlotte Harbor Pine Island Sound has some of the cleanest water, which supports both grass beds and stands of mangroves. With strict regulations in place to protect the water quality and marine life, the fishing area provides some of the best saltwater fishing possible.  There are hundreds, possibly even thousands of people, who travel to Southwest Florida annually for a chance to catch many species of fish in one fishing session. Those species are some of the state’s most sought after game fish known as the snook, the redfish, the spotted sea trout and the tarpon can be found swimming in those waters.

Tom Forlander, a Florida native and avid fisherman, often takes the time to escape the city to enjoy the peaceful serenity of fishing in Charlotte Harbor Pine Island Sound. Although Tom considers himself to be an expert fisherman, he has yet to accomplish this ambitious goal. Tom Forlander says that Southwest Florida has some of the best backwater fishing in the entire state.