Playing Tennis to Stay Young

Tom Forlander has a competitive streak that probably started early in his life. He often went fishing alongside his brother and father, and they turned it into a competition. Tom and his wife are avid tennis players, and they hit the courts at least twice a week to keep themselves active and healthy. But, of course, the game of tennis can be competitive, and often Tom and his wife will bet wagers on the outcome of the game. Sometimes the debt can be taking out the trash, cleaning the dishes or even cooking dinner.

Tom ForlanderThe Forlanders also invite several friends to compete and socialize while playing tennis. They take a lot of pride in their ability to play in pairs, as well as their own individual efforts. Tom Forlander’s early introduction to tennis was influenced by his wife. He considers himself an avid golfer and finds that golfing has him spending more time golfing with business associates and colleagues. He finds that because his wife Mary is his best friend, he would rather spend more time with her enjoying an activity they both love and can benefit from regularly doing. Mary spent her childhood and teenage years playing competitive tennis.

Although she has an advantage, Tom believes he is improving because of both his competitive spirit and Mary’s drive and determination. She does not take it easy on him but sticking to the sport has helped his development and yielded great improvement in his game. Tom and Mary belong to several different tennis clubs in Florida, and each hopes to give lessons to residents who want to learn more about playing tennis competitively.



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