Get to Know the Different Types of Fishing and Styles

A great advantage of living in Florida is that if you are a fisherman, you can attempt to master all of the different types of fishing in one location. There is, of course, freshwater and saltwater fishing. If you want to catch fish like tarpon, mahi-mahi, Wahoo, or sailfish, you’ll want to try light tackle fishing. If you’re interested in catching barracuda, shark or cobia, then you’ll want to invest your time in flats and backcountry fishing. This type of fishing usually takes place on the Atlantic side of Florida in the backcountry region.

Tom ForlanderReef fishing usually takes place near choral structures and reefs. This type of fishing is where anglers usually find schools of snapper, permit and mackerel that live in those environments. Usually, the deep-sea fisherman will troll for blue marlin or kingfish and is a minimum of 5 miles off the coast with the ocean drops to depths of 600 feet. If you don’t have a boat, you may want to consider bridge fishing that allows anglers to drop their lines while posted on a land structure.

Tom Forlander is a Florida native; he is familiar with the landscape of fishing culture. Florida is the epicenter for anglers who are professionals; as well as amateurs that want to improve their fishing experience. Tom learned how to fish as a young boy alongside his brother, and had his father as a guide. They would spend countless weekends out on the open water learning techniques and appreciating quality time with their family. Tom can tell you that they are many different styles and techniques to master.



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