Where to Scuba Dive in Florida

Tom Forlander grew up in Florida, and spent much of his childhood on the open sea or a peaceful lake. He spent several weekends with his older brother fishing, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. The Florida peninsula provides some of the greatest aquatic landscapes in the United States. Fortunately for Tom, he knows some of the best locations to dive and explore the ocean. In addition to the Atlantic Coast, the Gulf Coast is an excellent location to explore the open waters.

Tom Forlander
One of his favorite locations provides natural limestone rock formations; this area is Siesta Key’s Point of Rocks. Also, the Bay Ronto is a 400-foot British freighter that sunk in 1919; the ship sits roughly 100 feet below and is home to a vast amount of sea and plant life.

The Southeast Coast has a section of wrecks that go from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. There you will find 65-foot tugboats, two M60 tanks, Antennae Reef, a host of large freighters and 110-foot barge. In that area, there are also three former oil platforms, commonly referred to as the Tenneco Towers.

A favorite hotspot for Tom Forlander is Crystal River. This area has beautiful scenery for divers that are like no other location. Kinds Bay is the primary dive location in the area. There are caverns, rock formations, and more fish than you can shake a stick at within those areas. Manatees are known to breed there, and the sanctuary provides an opportunity for divers to swim alongside these beautiful creatures. The bay is tranquil and spacious enough to entertain several divers and sea life observers.



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