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Tom Forlander – Golfing Tips to Get Your Game on the Go

Tom Forlander lives in the state of Florida and enjoys playing a game of golf with his friends during the weekend. To him, golf is not just a game, but a way to keep himself fit. Golf is an excellent outdoor sport that provides an excellent opportunity to burn those calories. Tom Forlander has been playing golf for several years and offers these tips for beginner golfers.

Tom Forlander

Take Aim

When you aim to hit the ball, it’s not just your swing that matters; you will need to aim your feet, knees, shoulders, hips and club face as well. Normally, right-handed golfers aim well, as their swing compensates for poor alignment. You will have to check your alignment if you want to see the ball find the hole.

Work on Your Stance

How you build up your stance is important. It’s not that you just stand in front of the ball and hit it. You will have to work with your stance if you want to be a good golfer. Create a stance that is stable, balanced and solid. Learn to build your swing from the ground up. When working on your posture, make sure you do not tilt at your waist, but at your hips.

Your Grip is Important

You will need to practice working on your grip even when you are not playing. A good idea would be to pick your club each time you walk past it and practice your grip for 30 seconds. This will help you fine tune your grip and prepare yourself for your next game.

Tom Forlander enjoys playing golf and spending time with his friends.

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