Tom Forlander – Important Skills Every Office Manager Need to Develop

Tom Forlander lives in Florida and is an experienced office manager. Managing things in the office requires various skills such as communication skills, interpersonal relation skills, time-management skills, etc. The job of an office manager is an important one because it is his responsibility to ensure the smooth running of things at the workplace. Tom Forlander shares important skills office managers need to develop.

Tom Forlander

Decision-Making Skills
As an office manager, you will need to make decisions that will benefit your staff and company. You will have employees turning to you for solutions to problems, and answers to questions, and you should be capable of providing them the right answers and solutions. An office manager has to work on and develop his decision-making skills if he wants to be successful.

Mathematical Skills
While you do not have to be a mathematician, you will still need to have basic math skills to be effective in the workplace. You will have to oversee order processing, creation of invoices, receipts and payments, and bookkeeping. When you manage petty cash at the office, your math skills will come into play. You will need to work on your math skills because it is one of the important skills every office manager should have.

As an office manager, at times, you will need to multitask. You will have to oversee different projects at the same time, and find solutions and answers for both employees and clients. Every office manager has to work on his or her multitasking skills and ensure that they can manage with the pressure at the workplace.

Tom Forlander knows how to multitask and balance things at the workplace.



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