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Tom Forlander – Important Skills Every Office Manager Need to Develop

Tom Forlander lives in Florida and is an experienced office manager. Managing things in the office requires various skills such as communication skills, interpersonal relation skills, time-management skills, etc. The job of an office manager is an important one because it is his responsibility to ensure the smooth running of things at the workplace. Tom Forlander shares important skills office managers need to develop.

Tom Forlander

Decision-Making Skills
As an office manager, you will need to make decisions that will benefit your staff and company. You will have employees turning to you for solutions to problems, and answers to questions, and you should be capable of providing them the right answers and solutions. An office manager has to work on and develop his decision-making skills if he wants to be successful.

Mathematical Skills
While you do not have to be a mathematician, you will still need to have basic math skills to be effective in the workplace. You will have to oversee order processing, creation of invoices, receipts and payments, and bookkeeping. When you manage petty cash at the office, your math skills will come into play. You will need to work on your math skills because it is one of the important skills every office manager should have.

As an office manager, at times, you will need to multitask. You will have to oversee different projects at the same time, and find solutions and answers for both employees and clients. Every office manager has to work on his or her multitasking skills and ensure that they can manage with the pressure at the workplace.

Tom Forlander knows how to multitask and balance things at the workplace.



Tom Forlander – Golfing Tips to Get Your Game on the Go

Tom Forlander lives in the state of Florida and enjoys playing a game of golf with his friends during the weekend. To him, golf is not just a game, but a way to keep himself fit. Golf is an excellent outdoor sport that provides an excellent opportunity to burn those calories. Tom Forlander has been playing golf for several years and offers these tips for beginner golfers.

Tom Forlander

Take Aim

When you aim to hit the ball, it’s not just your swing that matters; you will need to aim your feet, knees, shoulders, hips and club face as well. Normally, right-handed golfers aim well, as their swing compensates for poor alignment. You will have to check your alignment if you want to see the ball find the hole.

Work on Your Stance

How you build up your stance is important. It’s not that you just stand in front of the ball and hit it. You will have to work with your stance if you want to be a good golfer. Create a stance that is stable, balanced and solid. Learn to build your swing from the ground up. When working on your posture, make sure you do not tilt at your waist, but at your hips.

Your Grip is Important

You will need to practice working on your grip even when you are not playing. A good idea would be to pick your club each time you walk past it and practice your grip for 30 seconds. This will help you fine tune your grip and prepare yourself for your next game.

Tom Forlander enjoys playing golf and spending time with his friends.


Tom Forlander – Diving Tips for Beginners

Tom Forlander has always been interested in diving and other water sports activities. Living in the state of Florida has given him the opportunity to pursue his dreams, of which scuba diving is one of them. With over two-thirds of the planet underwater, there are an untold number of animals and plants that live underwater, and most people will never get to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. Tom Forlander has been diving since he was a teenager and has several hours of scuba diving experience under his belt. Here are some tips you can use if you are a beginner diver.

Tom ForlanderTest Drive

Before you head out on a diving trip, you will need to try the apparatus out. Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus or Scuba for short is what you will be using to breathe underwater. Before you go and buy expensive scuba equipment, you might want to go for a test drive to see if you actually like the sport. There are several resort scuba classes where you can try out the sport by wearing the equipment and getting under water. If you are comfortable with it and want to take your scuba diving desire to the next level, you can sign up for an ocean dive with an experienced instructor. You will only be able to dive to a maximum depth of 33 feet, but that is sufficient enough to see some amazing underwater living beings.

Are You Healthy?

If you are suffering from any breathing problem, or if you have a sinus infection, you might want to postpone your diving trip. If you have sinus problems, you will have trouble diving as it will place considerable pressure on your ears when you dive and will cause you discomfort. Obviously, you need to know how to swim if you are going diving. If you tend to get seasick on a boat, you might want to take the sea sickness pills at least 12 hours before you get on the boat to go diving.


Diving is an exciting sport, but since you will be wearing diving equipment strapped to your body, you might want to relax. If you are diving with an experienced diver, you might want to let him lead you and don’t allow yourself to get over-excited. Getting excited will only increase your breathing, and you will end up using your oxygen supply more quickly. You will need to relax and trust your diving instructor.

Tom Forlander recommends relaxing and breathing slowly, and not holding your breath. Fill your lungs with oxygen and then breath out slowly.


Tom Forlander – Fishing Tips for Beginner Anglers

Tom Forlander is an experienced angler and has been fishing in both fresh and salt water for several years. Living near the coast in the state of Florida, Tom Forlander regularly goes on fishing trips with his close friends. To him fishing is more than an outdoor activity, he enjoys being out on the waters fishing and trying to break his own records for the biggest fish he has caught. If you are a beginner angler, you might want to give these few tips a try.

Tom Forlander


Before you go fishing, you will need to know what you are getting yourself into. You will need to know a couple of things about what kind of fish is available in the waters where you plan to go fishing, what bait to use, and what time to go fishing. Research a bit about these important things before you head out for your fishing trip.

Basic Procedures

After you have spent some time reading about fishing, you might want to start working on your pre-fishing skills. You will need to know how to add bait to the fishing hooks, cast a line, and tying knots before you can expect to catch any fish.

Choosing the Right Equipment

There are numerous fishing rods and other accessories available, but for a beginner, you want to choose something that is simple. If you are just starting out with fishing, you do not want to go and buy an open-faced fishing reel. It is not recommended for beginners, but when you pick up some experience, you can make the switch to open-faced reels.

Learn About Baits

If you are going fishing, you must have an understanding of what kind of bait attracts the fish you are planning to catch. If you are planning to fish for catfish, you might want to use raw chicken liver or specially made bait for catfish. Using the wrong bait means that you might return home empty handed.

Check the Weather

Before you pack your fishing gear and head off on your fishing trip, it would do you good to have a look at the weather. If the sky is overcast, it could mean you will have a successful fishing trip. Though you can still catch fish if the sky is clear, it is a proven fact that fishing under an overcast sky is the best.

Wearing the Right Clothes

If you are going fishing, you want to make sure you are wearing the right kind of clothing. You might want to take your fishing boots along because most probably you will need to get into the water. You might also want to wear layers, as the weather can change suddenly.

Over the years, Tom Forlander has bagged several prize catches.


Where to Scuba Dive in Florida

Tom Forlander grew up in Florida, and spent much of his childhood on the open sea or a peaceful lake. He spent several weekends with his older brother fishing, swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. The Florida peninsula provides some of the greatest aquatic landscapes in the United States. Fortunately for Tom, he knows some of the best locations to dive and explore the ocean. In addition to the Atlantic Coast, the Gulf Coast is an excellent location to explore the open waters.

Tom Forlander
One of his favorite locations provides natural limestone rock formations; this area is Siesta Key’s Point of Rocks. Also, the Bay Ronto is a 400-foot British freighter that sunk in 1919; the ship sits roughly 100 feet below and is home to a vast amount of sea and plant life.

The Southeast Coast has a section of wrecks that go from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. There you will find 65-foot tugboats, two M60 tanks, Antennae Reef, a host of large freighters and 110-foot barge. In that area, there are also three former oil platforms, commonly referred to as the Tenneco Towers.

A favorite hotspot for Tom Forlander is Crystal River. This area has beautiful scenery for divers that are like no other location. Kinds Bay is the primary dive location in the area. There are caverns, rock formations, and more fish than you can shake a stick at within those areas. Manatees are known to breed there, and the sanctuary provides an opportunity for divers to swim alongside these beautiful creatures. The bay is tranquil and spacious enough to entertain several divers and sea life observers.

Get to Know the Different Types of Fishing and Styles

A great advantage of living in Florida is that if you are a fisherman, you can attempt to master all of the different types of fishing in one location. There is, of course, freshwater and saltwater fishing. If you want to catch fish like tarpon, mahi-mahi, Wahoo, or sailfish, you’ll want to try light tackle fishing. If you’re interested in catching barracuda, shark or cobia, then you’ll want to invest your time in flats and backcountry fishing. This type of fishing usually takes place on the Atlantic side of Florida in the backcountry region.

Tom ForlanderReef fishing usually takes place near choral structures and reefs. This type of fishing is where anglers usually find schools of snapper, permit and mackerel that live in those environments. Usually, the deep-sea fisherman will troll for blue marlin or kingfish and is a minimum of 5 miles off the coast with the ocean drops to depths of 600 feet. If you don’t have a boat, you may want to consider bridge fishing that allows anglers to drop their lines while posted on a land structure.

Tom Forlander is a Florida native; he is familiar with the landscape of fishing culture. Florida is the epicenter for anglers who are professionals; as well as amateurs that want to improve their fishing experience. Tom learned how to fish as a young boy alongside his brother, and had his father as a guide. They would spend countless weekends out on the open water learning techniques and appreciating quality time with their family. Tom can tell you that they are many different styles and techniques to master.

Playing Tennis to Stay Young

Tom Forlander has a competitive streak that probably started early in his life. He often went fishing alongside his brother and father, and they turned it into a competition. Tom and his wife are avid tennis players, and they hit the courts at least twice a week to keep themselves active and healthy. But, of course, the game of tennis can be competitive, and often Tom and his wife will bet wagers on the outcome of the game. Sometimes the debt can be taking out the trash, cleaning the dishes or even cooking dinner.

Tom ForlanderThe Forlanders also invite several friends to compete and socialize while playing tennis. They take a lot of pride in their ability to play in pairs, as well as their own individual efforts. Tom Forlander’s early introduction to tennis was influenced by his wife. He considers himself an avid golfer and finds that golfing has him spending more time golfing with business associates and colleagues. He finds that because his wife Mary is his best friend, he would rather spend more time with her enjoying an activity they both love and can benefit from regularly doing. Mary spent her childhood and teenage years playing competitive tennis.

Although she has an advantage, Tom believes he is improving because of both his competitive spirit and Mary’s drive and determination. She does not take it easy on him but sticking to the sport has helped his development and yielded great improvement in his game. Tom and Mary belong to several different tennis clubs in Florida, and each hopes to give lessons to residents who want to learn more about playing tennis competitively.