Looking for a New Hobby? Try Salt Water Fishing

Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches to visit, particularly if you are looking to try a new sport. If you love to fish, why not branch out and try saltwater fishing? The region’s state and federal laws contribute to the fishing reputation of the area by protecting it. You will usually have a large amount of fish in the area, and there is never an overfishing problem. That is one of the great things about the state.

Tom Forlander

Tom Forlander

One of the largest estuaries in Florida, the Charlotte Harbor Pine Island Sound has some of the cleanest water, which supports both grass beds and stands of mangroves. With strict regulations in place to protect the water quality and marine life, the fishing area provides some of the best saltwater fishing possible.  There are hundreds, possibly even thousands of people, who travel to Southwest Florida annually for a chance to catch many species of fish in one fishing session. Those species are some of the state’s most sought after game fish known as the snook, the redfish, the spotted sea trout and the tarpon can be found swimming in those waters.

Tom Forlander, a Florida native and avid fisherman, often takes the time to escape the city to enjoy the peaceful serenity of fishing in Charlotte Harbor Pine Island Sound. Although Tom considers himself to be an expert fisherman, he has yet to accomplish this ambitious goal. Tom Forlander says that Southwest Florida has some of the best backwater fishing in the entire state.


Contributions for Those in Need

Contributing to causes that help people is one of the greatest and most altruistic things that one can engage in. Many organizations are leading the way in terms of delivering services for people in need in a variety of situations. For example the Catholic services of Acadiana is one such group that is functioning as the regional administrator of the Homeless Management Information System, also known as the HMIS. This system helps people throughout the region to implement electronic record sharing among various service providers are on the front lines of helping people in impoverished and homeless situations.

Tom Forlander

They are dedicated to helping the homeless including being part of the efforts to feed the hungry in the community. Their programs cover a range of shelters and support services for the elderly, women, veterans and children. As they tackle complex social issues, they have built an important effort with a multifaceted and specialized response in order to improve the lives of people in the community. This organization in particular is reliant on the generosity of supporters who step up and support them through financial contributions. Tom Forlander is a resident of Florida who has supported this organization with significant financial resources as the causes of homelessness and hunger are central to his personal values. He has witnessed the greater good of the outreach of this and other groups which are dedicated making change in the lives of those that are less fortunate than the rest of us. He takes great pride in having supported such a great cause and will continue to support them in the future.

A Day Fishing

Many people from around the world and country travel to Florida to take on bass fishing. People often plan their entire year or longer to come to Florida in order to catch this popular fish species. They bring their boats, prepare everything and journeyed to their fishing destination. Once they get to the body of water the plan efficient, get down the ramp, launch the boat and see lake there is no looking back. The situation is once you are out there on the water, where to begin fishing. There are many tips and techniques to getting fishing done right and it breaks down to a number of specific areas.

Tom Forlander

First of all there is the aspect of techniques which can be implemented in the selection of the waters you fission, tackle that you use, time of day you are going for and so. The best times to go after fish depends on the season and many other factors including the water itself. Type of tackle that you use is also something of a seasonal and situational elements that can and will change from time to time. The vegetation that is present in a body of water can affect fish so it is important to be aware of the cover that vegetation provides and its effect on the water itself when selecting the type of tackle that you use. Things like coloration and density of the water to the actual acidic content can be affected by the presence of various vegetation types. These are some of the favorite aspects of the challenge of fishing that has lured Florida resident Tom Forlander each and every year throughout the year to partake in one of the state’s most highly regarded activities.

Tom Forlander – Oh Florida

Many people look at Florida as that state that makes all the orange juice. Indeed that is a major product, but the sunshine state has a number of other things which are part of its unique place among the states of the union. For example, it is a growing state and in 2014 it became the third most populous state in the entire United States of America by surpassing that of New York, trailing only Texas and at the very top California. Florida also has the longest coastline in the contiguous United States.

Tom Forlander
It is also the only state in the entire country that borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. One of its greatest cities is St. Augustine, which is the oldest European settlement in all of North America. It is also distinctive for being the flat estate the entire country. The mean elevation of the state is just 100 feet and if you are looking for mountains, you will find that the highest point in the state is only 345 feet above mean sea level.

On a governmental level, it is interesting to note that Florida is the only state in the entire country whose Constitution is reviewed every 20 years. Many people are familiar with Cape Canaveral, which is the launch pad for all of the countries spaceflights. All of these facts are not lost on one of its residents, Tom Forlander. He is a big fan of this state and he enjoys a variety of activities throughout the year which allowed them to be outdoors and enjoy the climate. For example, one of his favorite sports is that health golf and Florida has more than 1300 courses which makes it higher than any other state in the country.

Tennis Tips

Tennis is a fun and engaging sport that can be very rewarding as well as competitive, which is why the sport is growing so rapidly. With such a rapid growth being experienced over the past several years, many are picking up a racket and jumping on the court. Though this kind of gumption is admirable, it is suggested that these beginners learn more about the basics and fundamentals of Tennis to help make the game more engaging, enjoyable, and above all, more safe for the players. Many do not know that injuries are quite common in Tennis. People don’t assume this because Tennis does not require any real contact with anybody else. The common injuries that occur in Tennis however are usually self-administered. Injuries such as Tennis Elbow are ones that arise when you have improper technique in your swing, causing the bad posture to wear on your arm, specifically your elbow. This debilitating injury can keep you off of the courts for days, or even weeks, something that can be avoided by learning a few simple tricks and tips, as well as developing a good solid form and technique.

Tom Forlander

One tip is to always keep your wrist aligned parallel with the court when you hit the ball, rolling or wrenching your wrist can cause injury. Next, avoid jerking motions with the shoulder and arm and go for a more fluid and flexible strike. Lastly, make sure that you have a good stance, one where both legs are spread at shoulder width and you are square with the other side of the court.

Tom Forlander is an office manager and avid Tennis player who loves to spend a day or two on the courts.

Close Diving Encounters

In February of 2007, Vernon Messier had his encounter with a seven foot alligator. The animal snatched his foot when he dove into a pond off the fifth hole at Timber Greens Country Club in New Port Richey. He was able to get free by gouging at the alligator’s eyes.

Tom Forlander

If the alligator is ever hungry in the morning, it knows where the food, the human in the water, will be. Those who dive in the lakes and ponds of the golf course are dumb. Those who do it often, are worse and should prepare themselves for an accident sooner or later because alligators are watchful prey. The hunters will pick up on habits such as a golfer that comes to the pond often in the morning. Most golfers will only see an alligator basking in the sun and not doing anything to harm anyone. However, there are many stories about alligator attacks on the golf course that weave precautionary tales for other golfers.

These stories aren’t meant to scare so much as to keep people away and informed about what an alligator can do. A little more than a year later, a golfer by the name of Ike Moreal was attacked while diving in a lake off the 13th hole at Tampa Palms Golf and Country Club. Moreal was able to escape with a dislocated shoulder and a broken left arm. But the rare occurrences are always scary. Although it is rare for unprovoked alligator attacks to occur, you should never want to take a chance with an alligator that could be twice your size. .

Tom Forlander is an experienced golfer knows his choice when it comes to golf safety in Florida.

How to Be More Family Oriented

Spending the time with your father is a great way to learn life lessons that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Trips on the water are also great family outings that are both safe and fun for everyone, especially if you live in the peninsula state of Florida. Investing in a good boat is also a great way to get the family involved in nautical activities together. If you feel a bit overwhelmed with the planning, try involving your spouse as well, that will strengthen both your relationship and your family. The best couple are those who have been through thick and thin, having plenty of adventures to keep life interesting.

Tom ForlanderYou should encourage your family to love playing recreational sports together and to challenge their friends to some friendly competition. If your friends or family members live close by, don’t take it for granted, visit them or invite them over as much as possible. If you however decide not to have children, then you can have more time together and stay attached to the hip like newlywed couples, doing everything you can side by side. Whether you have family, friends, children, or a spouse, you should try to get out on the water at least once a month.

Ripe in age at 58, Tom Forlander still goes out on the water and enjoys the tranquility of the sea. He grew up as the second child of three. His contributions quickly became a family tradition that lives on today. The weekends for him is often traveling to the coast, lake or canal and fishing with his older brother and dad, leaving behind his mother and sister who eagerly awaited their return to hear the funny stories and to have fresh fish to cook for dinner.